Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Paying Attention...

So...I know some people aren't as aware of their surroundings as some other people. Me included. But, this one might top the cake.

I walked into Safeway on my break and got my $3.99 (on coupon) Safeway sandwich (hey, its the economy!). Walked to the checkout stand. And of the 7 registers open numbers 2 thru 6 were open. I walked past #1, and this guy was unloading his cart onto the conveyor belt. I thought, oh, maybe they just didn't turn on the light. Nope. There wasn't a worker there. The light wasn't on, but he was unloading his cart. I got in line in an open register (an amazing concept, really) and the guy is done with his unloading. Looks up at where the worker should be....then looks up at where the light should be on....looks around...and repacks his cart and moves over.

No words can describe this.

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