Friday, February 6, 2009

On Stupid Comments....

There was another BART protest yesterday. This time the people were calling for the release of the people who were arrested during the riot that followed that New Year's Day Bart shooting. This one idiot they interviewed said that they should be relased because the people did it out of anger, and that it would further increase the tension between the Oakland youth and the police who are criminalizing them.

Basically this guy says that it is because of the police that the people arrested lit trash cans on fire, lit cars on fire, destroyed storefronts, etc...and that it is OK for them to do that because its the police's fault that made them do it. WHAT?! They committed a crime...they go to jail.

That brings me to other stupidity. There was a city in the Bay Area whose police chief came under fire because the amount of a certain race of people inside the jails was disproportionate to the percent of that race in the city's population. So does that mean...since I'm Chinese (or, rather categorized Asian) that if I go out and kill someone and the SF jails are filled with 35% Asian that I should be set free because that'd be disproportionate? THAT'S A STUPID ARGUMENT. Look, I don't care if you're black, white, yellow, purple, or puke green. You could be 3'6", or 7'9", if you commit a crime, you belong in jail. Simple. It doesn't matter. Its your fault you commited the crime. You pay the price and don't ask for any excuses.

Another one I don't get it is the Insanity Defense. Most notably I remember is the lady that threw her three kids into the bay because she said God told her to do it (THAT is a rant in and of itself). doesn't matter that you're insane or mentally unstable. It really doesn't. That doesn't excuse the fact that you did what you did and you can't reverse it. Get jail....for a looooooooooooong time.

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