Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sometimes...'Sex' makes you stupid....

Reader: "WAH?!"

Did I catch your attention?

It was Sex weekend at the we didn't change formats...we're talking Sex and the City. brought on the grandest of stupidity in the history of theatreness (I'm making up words).

Lady calls early in the afternoon on the Thursday before the movie opens and says that she can't figure out how to use Fandango (go to, click the theatre, click the showtime, enter your CC, print.) and asks if she can buy her tix over the phone and have us hold the tix until she comes. We don't do that, but we do it anyway. Now for stupidity... She calls back when I get to work and says...

"Hi, I bought four tickets over the phone and I didn't know you were in Daly City."
"We're not in Daly City, we're in San Francisco."
"But I google mapped your location and it says you're off of 280"
(Er...if you google mapped it would say San Francisco...)
"Well where are you coming from?"
"Martinez" (East Bay, probably about 30-45 minutes from SF).
"Well, yes, you come over the Bay Bridge, and when it splits you take 280, take the Monterey Exit"
"Oh, see, I didn't want to come that far, I was wondering if I could get a refund."
"Uhm, Okay, where did you want to go?"
"Emeryville." (This makes sense, that's only 20 minutes away...)
"Uhm Hold on" (I go into a violent, silent shaking, making my coworkers look at me funny.)

I do the refund and get rid of her...If you wanted Emeryville (510) and you call a 415're going to get a theatre in San Francisco.

Augh...Ultimate stupidity.