Thursday, October 23, 2008

When Political Desperation Leads To....Extortion!

And no I'm not talking about McPalin. In this case they're better than this.

Here's the story about Prop 8 in SF.

Lets pull some quotes shall we?

"Make a donation of a like amount to which will help us correct this error," reads the letter. "Were you to elect not to donate comparably, it would be a clear indication that you are in opposition to traditional marriage. ... The names of any companies and organizations that choose not to donate in like manner to but have given to Equality California will be published."

That sounds like a threat don't it. But of course what they're doing is completely legal just morally wrong. Funny how I would bring up morally wrong...

"But when asked about the letter to Equality California donors, Prentice confirmed they were authentic and said the campaign was asking businesses backing the other side "to reconsider taking a position on a moral issue in California."

Because threats aren't moral at all!

Look folks, this isn't an issue about kids learning about gay marriage in schools. And if someone can explain to me how a gay marriage takes away from a man-woman marriage then let me know. And if someone can explain to me how it also destroys the family structure when these people actually go out and adopt because they want kids, and not because they have a kid on accident, :cough: Bristol Palin :cough:

Stay out of peoples lives...geez.

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