Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Personals Stupidity

Found this made me sort of...hurl...

Is it weird I've never been attracted to an Asian guy? - 21 (SF)

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Date: 2008-11-19, 7:16PM PST

And I'm Asian? I mean I guess it has to do with where I grew up and the demographics of my hometown...but yea...I've liked white guys, black, even this one latino guy who was really caliente Lol! I think it has to do with the height, since I'm really tall, or maybe their lack of confidence, or the eyes or something. Was that a weird post, or what? So I guess I'm looking for a relationship, blah blah, attach a picture if you want me to reply, if you're not in San Francisco, don't respond. What do you do for a living, what are your interests, goals etc. Thanx.

By the way, sorry if it's offensive, I just tend to be rather honest. "lookism" it's superficial but hey, it's human nature.

The problem with the Asian American community is kind of summed up here..good ol' Asians stereotyping Asians. How does one community ever find the ability to come together when they're busy bashing their own people? The main thing I hate about stereotypes is that people take three to five people, make that the generalization for the entire group of people and that's it for the rest of the population. What happened to that "individuals" thing?

Hope that exotic asian woman stereotypes works out for this girl...

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