Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ten Dumb Things About Pedestrians...

1. If walking in a group, you don't need to form a human chain and crawl down the sidewalk. You don't own the sidewalk.

2. Slower traffic move to the right...enough said.

3. Don't stop all of a sudden to tie your shoelace, pick up a penny, etc. This is especially important when walking in the crowd. This causes a major pileup and possibly a chain reaction crash.

4. Don't let your kids run loose. They don't walk in a straight line, and they don't watch where they're going. I wonder who wins in a collision between my knee and your kid...

5. If you need to make a U-turn, don't stop on a dime and turn around, that's called a head-on collision.

6. If you need to have a conversation...the middle of the sidewalk is NOT the place to do it.

7. Green means GO. Red means STOP. If a car is coming, don't cross against the red light. You will lose that battle.

8. Standing out in the middle of the street looking for a bus means you are blocking traffic. Stay on the sidewalk. When the bus comes you will see it. Seeing the bus 5 blocks away won't help you much, it'll still be the same result.

9. I beg you, please, please, please hurry it up when crossing a busy intersection. If there are a line of cars waiting to turn, but can't, because you're crawling across the street, be courteous. You have the right of way, but be courteous at least.

10. Be aware of your surroundings. Don't do anything that will cause a human pileup, cause people to dodge you, or cause people to generally wonder why they let you out of the mental hospital.

Solution: People equipped with turn signals.

On a more personal blogging note...I'm in a Carnival! yay! Look it up here. Unfortunately it's the last edition. :(


don't haight. said...

I agree with you. Also, what makes people think that those white lines drawn on the street will stop cars from hitting them??.... idiots.

Pope Ryannn said...

I've never fully understood why some people will walk deep into the far lane of a road to look for an oncoming bus, glad it made the list. Most of your list was spot on and the video accomplished what it needed to. As a student of disorder I enjoy seeing people get bothered by the innocent but damning actions of others. Whatever that means.

Not Larry said...

I like your solution to the problem. I wish being courteous was marketable, because you could make a fortune.

But I really didn't understand your links. Were they supposed to be funny?

mariedrennan said...

Yeah! Your blog always makes me say that. Great use of video to set up your list -- very creative idea, and it worked well. You probably couldn't use it for every list b/c of copyright issues, but something made out of public-domain footage would be a great way to set up your list every time (if you like doing video!).

Excellent post, too. I loved the "chain reaction crash" link. One little bug to fix: In #9, "right away" should be "right of way"

And most importantly, CONGRATS on getting into the Diva Days blog carnival! Woohoo!