Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Lazy Parking Lot Driver

Okay. For those of you new to this (and you should be, because this IS the first post), we encounter people every day, who just don't seem to get it. They do weird actions that don't make sense to the majority of us, and continue to do it. Their odd behavior seems to create waves of other people like them. I will use this blog to expose these types of people (because singling out people is mean, and will only be used in extreme cases of dumbness). I don't claim to be the expert on behavior, but these people defy logic...I should also mention that I work with the public at a movie theatre. Anyone who has worked in customer service has some stories to tell. I'll get to those later. Now on with the stupidity!

The Lazy Parking Lot Driver

Location: Stonestown Galleria

So I've seen this alot, and even maybe my friends will do it. It's looking for a parking space as close to a door as possible, without parking on the sidewalk adjacent to the door. This is completely acceptable in pouring rain, because, you know, getting wet is a problem (in the shower, it isn't, but to each his own). While looking for a parking space, I see gold. Empty parking space! Then I see horror, a car right there. Damn. And, I already turned. To my pleasure the car moved past the open space and stopped. He was waiting for someone to get in and BACK OUT of their car. Now you may be thinking, "The space was the one of the first ones, right?" Nope. This space he took was THREE spaces closer than the empty space. Are you seriously THAT lazy that you can't walk an extra 15 feet? Come on now. This guy goes in the category of people who tail pedestrians out of the mall going to their car, but once they get past a certain point, the driver decides "it's too far" and drives away. Doesn't really matter to me. I got two things out of this experience. My first post :-D, and that parking space without waiting, but dang it, my legs hurt from those extra 15 feet :(.


mariedrennan said...
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Bad driving in parking lots. You don't say? There is actually a term for the type of behavior you've described; it's called 'lurking'. This type of behavior will only increase as the automobile methodically consumes the planet. Your writhing and moaning is as futile as the kicking of a rodent as it's being swallowed by a python. If insipid behavior catches your attention, then check out my Inane Ducks blog.