Thursday, September 13, 2007

On Second Chances to Run...

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

Who: Judge Bruce Rauum

Dumb Link (News Story #1): Fugitive Dem fundraiser on the lam again
Dumb Link (News Story #2): Hsu Gets Another Chance to Post Bail (SF Gate)

Most of the time, I like to exploit dumb people that I see randomly on the street or at work. Occasionally, something in the news will strike me as dumb. This would be it.

For those of you not familiar with Mr. Norman Hsu. He's a democratic fundraiser accused of stealing and cheating donators out of millions and millions of dollars. He was fugitive for 15 years (not really hiding) until a couple of weeks ago when he surrendered, posted a $2 million bond (chump change) and was free till his court date, which he didn't show up for (now WHO could've predicted that?). They find him on a train in Colorado acting a little looney and somewhat suicidal etc. Put him to trail and tell him he's free again if he posts $5 million dollars bail.

Okay, so this guy avoided the authorities for 15 years, and, when you finally catch tell him he's free for $2 mil, which is nothing, then, as expected, he runs, you catch him, and now say, hmm....I think we're going to see if he runs again for $5 million! Come on now! That's like going fishing, wait 8 hours, get nothing, then catch the biggest fish ever and say, "We'll see if he comes back!" You don't give another chance to a guy who's run twice, notorious for running, and has the connections to run again. They KNOW he has connections. They shouldn't have given him a chance to run in the first place, but to give him a SECOND chance? How oblivious can you be?!

Of course, I could be wrong, he may post the bail, leave, and come back as scheduled. If he doesn't, well, I told you so! We'll see how long it'll take to catch him again. Perhaps they'll go for $10mil next time? Maybe the plan is to just drain his bank account, and have a little fun chasing him down in the process? Beats me. I got $10mil that it'll take them 4 years to find him again.

Next time: Dumb people who block the Exit Doors on MUNI.

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